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Frequently Asked Questions

I locked my keys in my office by mistake. How do I get in?

Building Services does not currently provide access to personally assigned space. All such entries are assisted by the Department of Public Services and documented in their daily log. Please call 273-2712. Public Safety officers are dispatched and respond as their other duties permit. Classrooms are generally not locked in academic buildings except at the request of a department. In these instances, the department has requested keys for faculty assigned to the classrooms.

I noticed a light bulb burned out (or flickering) in the corridor of my building. How do I get it replaced?

Please report it to 273-4400. It will be changed on the next regular custodial shift for that building. The custodial staff members regularly replace lamps to a height of approximately 10' (8' step ladders are standard equipment). Our Area Maintenance personnel replace lamps above that height as specialized equipment such as a genie lift is often required.

Today is a big day for our department. We are expecting guests from another campus and want to be sure we make a good impression. How can I assure this will happen?

We want to assist you as best we can. Please call 273-2301 (1st shift buildings) or 273-6423 (2nd shift buildings) as much in advance of your big day as possible and advise what is happening, when and where. This advance notice will help Assistant Managers Jack Geary and Jack Shafer prioritize as they adjust schedules to cover daily absences.

I would like to have my office area, bookshelves, filing cabinets and window sills dusted. Do the custodians do that?

Custodial staff members are instructed NOT to move personal items and effects on work surfaces and adjacent areas. Many such items have tremendous sentimental if not monetary value, and may even be irreplaceable. Despite the best care and attention, accidents can and do happen. If you would like work surfaces dusted, please clear them first then contact either 273-2301 or 273-6423 to schedule the work. If you would prefer to clean and dust these areas yourself, products can be provided by calling the same numbers or asking the custodian in your building. If the above guidelines do not address your particular situation or a more detailed explanation is desired, please contact Facilities Services at 273-4400 and we will be happy to talk with you.

How do I report facility problems or obtain routine maintenance services?

To request routine maintenance services in academic buildings or to report problems, submit a request through FAMIS or call 273-4400; Refer to our Service Guide for more detail on services.

How do I check on the status of a service request?

You can track the status of your work order through the self service portal of FAMIS. For other inquiries, call the Physical Plant help desk at 273-4400.

How do I obtain a design and estimate for improvements/major repairs?

Requests for improvements or major repairs should be submitted through the FAMIS Self Servis request form or contact John Mirchich via email at

How do I get my office painted?

Requests for interior painting are prioritized on a "worst case" first basis due to limited resources. Painting requests for a color change or minor flaws must be accompanied by an account number to pay for the effort.

May I go off campus to contract for services such as painting or alterations?

No. Facilities Services will be glad to solicit and administer off-campus service providers. There are many University policies, design/color standards, codes, and regulations the must be adhered to. Requirements for competitive bidding, contractor insurance, and compliance within codes and regulations must be verified.

Who do I call if I have a problem such as ants or bees, or wish to report a nuisance or injured animal?

Call the Physical Plant help desk at 273-4400.

Is there a general rule of thumb used to determine who pays for service?

Generally, Facilities Services is funded to maintain components of General Fund facilities that could be used by any academic or administrative department if the facility were to change hands. If the equipment or work in question does not meet this test then it is the department's responsibility to pay for the particular service.

Are some delegated responsibilities included in Facilities Services funding that don't meet the usual rule of thumb?

Through historical practice and specific assignments, Facilities Services has been assigned (and funded to perform) maintenance work outside the general guidelines, (work that would otherwise be excluded). These exceptions do not extend the general concepts; they are merely accepted and funded exceptions. The delegated responsibilities include:

  • Athletic/Recreation facilities - Facilities Services maintains recreation facilities, gymnasia, outdoor track, tennis courts, intercollegiate athletic fields, intramural fields, rugby club fields, ROTC outdoor fields and swimming pools.
  • Landscape maintenance for Biology Preserves Committee property.
  • Landscape maintenance for residence halls.
  • Landscape maintenance for Maucker Union.
  • Regular time labor for snow removal of parking lots.
  • Maintenance of scuba diving equipment.
  • Maintenance of distilled water systems.
  • Labor time for support and maintenance of grant programs - i.e., UNICUE, Camp Adventure, Roadside Vegetation, etc.

What services are excluded from Facilities Services funding?

There are a variety of facilities and equipment within General Fund buildings that are excluded from Facilities Services funding. These exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following: through wall or window air conditioners, laboratories and associated equipment, inventoried equipment, carpeting and draperies, and movable classroom seating. Also excluded from Facilities Services funded services are facilities with other sources of funds, or self-supporting enterprises, such as the UNI Dome (non athletic operations), residence halls, institutional roads, parking operations, and Maucker Union and selected grant funded programs.

Are construction and supplemental maintenance construction services available for hire?

In addition to the services supported by Facilities Services budget, other services are available for hire. This type of work can be performed with in-house labor or through other resources. Examples of these departmental services include routine or special maintenance service to non-general fund facilities, alterations and improvement work in laboratories and associated equipment maintenance and repair, departmental inventoried equipment and maintenance and repair or replacement of carpeting and draperies.

What can I do if I have a question regarding funding responsibility?

If the above guidelines do not address your particular situation or a more detailed explanation is desired, please contact Facilities Services at 273-4400.