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Moving Services FAQ

Where do I get boxes?

  • Used boxes, if available, may be obtained by contacting Dennis Nieman @ 3-2869
  • New boxes are available through Campus Supply

Is there a cost to move my office?

  • Generally no; moves are coordinated for the most part on a first come, first serve basis and are initiated after completing a Move Form
  • If the Facilities Services timeline does not work for a department, we can assist in hiring outside contractors to augment our staff efforts; departments will need to provide a university account number for the cost

What if Facilities Services breaks something during the move?

  • Facilities Services personnel exercise due care and diligence while moving all items but we are not insured and our S&S budget does not support replacing broken items
  • If items are of high dollar value, departments should weigh the replacement cost against the cost of hiring outside movers who are insured
  • If items are personal or deemed irreplaceable, individuals should box and move them themselves

Does Facilities Services move computers?

  • Yes, monitors, keyboards, hard drives should be individually labeled by staff member’s name and the new office number
  • It is encouraged that you contact your staff/divisional computer techs to move your computers

What do I need to box and how do I label the box?

  • All desk contents must be boxed; desks will be turned on end for transport
  • All book shelf contents must be boxed
  • Vertical 2-drawer and 4-drawer files can be moved with contents remaining inside; please lock for transport
  • Horizontal files generally must be emptied and boxed; a 2-drawer file less than 30” wide is the only exception
  • All credenza contents must be emptied and boxed; these will be tilted on end for transport
  • Pictures can be moved without boxing and packing blankets are available
  • Boxes should be labeled on the side with person’s name and new office number

If my furniture is going with me does it have to be labeled?

  • Yes, by room number at the new location if multiple moves are happening at once
  • No, if your office is the only relocation