Facilities Management

Load Shedding

computer generated person unplugging a cord

Purchased electricity rates for the entire year are based on the peak usage of electricity. Because this peak load is so important in establishing rates, the university is seeking your help in lowering that peak load. There is some ability to predict when the peak load will occur, and as such it will be stated in Inside UNI what days are predicted asking for your assistance in saving electricity. In addition to the actual savings for that day, it will help lower the cost for the rest of the year. 

During peak-demand times, the university is actively pursuing ways to reduce our peak in order to lower these electrical costs. Every year our demand is set between late August and October and this demand charge is paid monthly throughout the year. In order to reduce this cost, we are asking the campus community to do their part in eliminating unnecessary loads; whether that is turning off lights, unplugging printers, copiers, coffee makers, etc. 

In addition to asking everyone to do what they can to reduce the electrical load, Energy Management will be endeavoring to selectively reduce loads where possible. Tips on saving energy can be found here: Energy Conservation Tips

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