Facilities Management


The University is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for faculty, staff, and visitors.  The Facilities Management Safety Committee is an important component of the Facilities Management Safety Program.  Managers and supervisors can gain valuable assistance in their areas through a joint effort with their committee members.

Additional resources are available through the Environmental Health & Safety office.

Accidents and Injuries

All accidents and injuries occurring at work or in the course of employment must be reported to the employee’s supervisor, even if no medical attention is required. The supervisor is responsible for completing a First Report of Injury form.

In addition, Facilities Management supervisors must complete a separate UNI Accident Investigation Report to be signed by the Physical Plant Director and sent to the Environmental Safety and Health Office at mail code 0197.

Emergency Action Plan

For the full campus emergencies website, visit Environmental Health and Safety Campus Emergencies

For quick access to evacuation diagrams and severe weather shelter locations relevant to the Facilities Management and its associated buildings, see below.

Facilities Management (PHP)
  • Diagram
  • Shelter locations: Grounds break room, campus supply room 25, Rooms 021, 025, 037, and center restrooms
Power Plant
  • Diagram
  • Shelter locations: 
Warehouse #1 (WH1)
  • Diagram
  • Shelter locations: Restrooms
Storage #10 (South Grounds)

Safety Data Sheets

It is the responsibility of departments ordering chemicals and products to obtain necessary SDSs for hazardous chemicals or materials. Copies of the SDS will be incorporated into the University SDS Database (Click the 'Safety Data Sheet' button. Note: you must be on the UNI network or wifi to access Chimera).

Injury Prevention

Safety Stretches are encouraged three times a day to warm-up for work and help prevent injury.

Stretching Videos

Part One

Part Two


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