Facilities Management

Snow Removal

The goal of Facilities Management is to make University facilities safe and accessible during the winter season. Additional caution is advised however, when using University facilities during the winter season because of the daily potential for hazardous conditions caused by snow, ice, wind and freezing temperatures. The following is a list of information regarding the removal of snow in various areas across campus

Priority Route

During the winter season, Facilities Management will continue to remove ice and snow from all campus walkways, entrances and other pedestrian thoroughfares. The Priority Sidewalk Route will receive additional attention, intended to increase accessibility across campus during the winter season. This route identifies direct paths through the heart of the University of Northern Iowa campus that we endeavor to maintain at a higher level, with minimal grade changes, and allow an individual to easily seek shelter should they encounter inclement weather (rain, extreme heat, snow, wind) year round. View Priority Route Information

Institutional Roads

Our goal is to make all institutional roads safe and accessible for vehicles properly equipped for winter driving conditions. Grounds will attempt to clear the institutional roads within 18-24 hours of the end of a snowfall. Overtime efforts are initiated for roadways when two (2) inches of snow has fallen. During and after a storm some streets may be snow packed and snow can be expected to accumulate adjacent to the streets to the extent that a motorist's sight distance may be greatly reduced or impaired.

Parking Areas

University parking areas require the storage of snow in the lots and the loss of some parking spaces until the snow can be hauled away. As a general rule, handicapped lots have the highest priority and are plowed first. "G", "A", and "B" lots are commuter lots and parking is restricted from 1:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. These lots have the next highest priority. "C" and "R" lots have the next highest priority. Plowing efforts proceed with multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously. The "C" and "R" lots allow 24-hour parking and generally only aisle ways can be plowed in each lot. Every reasonable effort will be made to open parking lanes to allow two-way traffic in these lots. Parking lot plowing operations commence after 2:00 a.m. when two (2) inches or more of snow has fallen. Hauling operations do not commence until the above priorities have been met and generally will not begin until 36 hours after the storm has ended. Due to weather-related conditions such as piled snow, melting and re-freezing, bare pavement should NOT be an expectation in these areas and motorists and pedestrians should dress and act accordingly.

Pedestrian Areas

Grounds Services maintains sidewalks, plaza areas and other pedestrian thoroughfares. Our goal is to have primary access routes into each of our facilities plowed by 8:00 a.m. the morning following the end of the storm. Depending on the amount of snowfall and duration of a storm plaza space is used to stage snow for later hauling. Weather and ground conditions can lead to melting snow and re-freezing problems on a daily basis. Pedestrians should dress and act accordingly.

In Case of Property Damage

During the course of operations any given winter, damage to property may occur. Repairs will be made as soon as weather permits and materials are available. If University snow removal operations cause damage to property owned by another person, repairs shall be attempted by Facilities Management in consultation with the property owner or, if this is not possible or the owner is dissatisfied with the repair the property owner will be referred to the University Risk Manager and/or the Operations Auditor to file a tort claim.

Assistance to Private Property Owners

Under no circumstances shall University personnel use University vehicles to start, push, pull or tow stranded vehicles. Employees should contact either Public Safety or Facilities Management dispatch to arrange for assistance for the stranded motorist and/or advise of a hazardous condition. Likewise, no University-owned vehicle should be used in snow removal or ice control on private or commercial property.

No Duty or Right Created

The purpose of these operational procedures is to establish goals and guidelines for University employees regarding snow and ice control. It is not to be construed to create any additional duty to any individual, person or entity. This does not provide any special protection or service to any individual or group. No additional rights shall be granted any individual or entity simply by their policy. This document may be affected in total or in part, as a result of acts of God, equipment breakdown, weather conditions, inadequacy of equipment, shortage of personnel, state, federal or municipal regulations and any other unforeseen, uncontrolled or unanticipated acts.

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