Facilities Management

Construction Phase

After award of the contracts, the project is turned over to the Construction Administration group. During this phase, Facilities Planning Owner Representative acts as the contact person for all information related to the project. The Owner's Representative will coordinate pre-construction and progress meetings on the project. These meetings are used to coordinate use of the space with the contractors and the building occupants. Review of the schedule at the meetings includes potential disturbances expected in the coming weeks and coordination of the work to minimize disruption to the occupants. 

The Owner's Representative will visit the construction site to determine if work is progressing on schedule and monitor problems and changes and their impact on the project budget. They will observe the construction to determine if it is proceeding according to the drawings and specifications. The Owner's Representative will hire and coordinate the use of outside testing firms to perform Quality Assurance testing where necessary. They will consult with the Architect or Engineer as needed for interpretation of the contract documents. 

As construction nears completion, the Owner's Representative will assist clients with coordinating their move into the new or improved facility. They will also coordinate testing, adjusting and balancing of all new equipment and coordinate the owner training on the use and operation of the equipment and building systems.

The Facilities Services Owner's Representative will coordinate the project through substantial completion and owner occupancy. After occupancy of the buildings the owners representative will continue to coordinate completion of punch list items by the contractor. New problems and maintenance items are to be coordinated through Plant Services to the contractor who maintains a one year warranty on the project. Just before one year the Owner's Representative will coordinate a re-inspection of the facility to identify problems to be corrected by the contractor before expiration of the warranty.

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