Facilities Management

Event Support

Reserve Tables/Chairs

A limited number of tables (50) and chairs (450) are available for departments to use for University events on campus. There is no rental charge but departments are responsible for any loss or damage. There is no delivery charge when delivery and return occur during normal university business hours.

Reservations may be made up to one year in advance on a first come/first serve basis. Occasionally, a major university event is scheduled the same day as your reservation. If this happens, major university events and programming take priority over departmental requests. If this situation occurs, we will assist departments in making alternate arrangements with outside vendors, but not fund the cost of the rental.

Departments are responsible for the tables and chairs while in their possession and liable for any loss or damage. The cost for repair or replacement will be charged to the account number provided.

Submit a Service Request through FAMIS to reserve tables and chairs and provide:

  • dates needed
  • delivery location and time
  • pick-up location and time
  • university account number (for loss/damage)
  • contact person and phone number

The Physical Plant will contact departments to confirm reservations.

Custodial Service

Regular custodial service is provided Monday through Friday. Departments or individuals scheduling programs or functions on Saturday or Sunday, other than formal scheduled classes, need to make special arrangements for custodial service. These events will be scheduled on an overtime basis and departments or individuals will need to provide a valid University account number for the charges.

Submit a Service Request through FAMIS to schedule special event custodial service and provide:

  • date and time custodial service is needed
  • location of event
  • university account number
  • contact person and phone number