Facilities Management

Uniform Policy

Facilities Management Uniform Guidelines

This Facilities Management uniform policy became effective 08/04/2014.

Facilities Management requires employees in the blue-collar and technical units to wear uniforms provided by Facilities Management.  Uniforms provide instant recognition as employees work around campus.  Facilities Management issued shirts and pants are mandatory. If pants are not issued, a clean suitable replacement pair may be worn.  All uniform orders must go through dispatch (3-4400) - uniform orders do not go through the warehouse.

These guidelines are in accordance with Article XII, Sections 4&5, pages 99-100 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  1. Each employee will be issued up to 6 shirts in any combination (button front in short or long sleeve, T-shirts in short or long sleeve, short sleeve polo’s or smocks). Shirts will be replaced on an as needed basis. Worn shirts must be returned. The Facilities Management work shirt is only to be worn during work hours.
  1. Facilities Management issued pants are optional but if issued must be worn.
  2. Facilities Management pants will be brown or a denim material.
  3. Each employee will be issued up to 5 pairs of pants (if they are requested).  Pants will be replaced on an as needed basis.  Worn or damaged issued pants must be returned.
  4. Shorts can be worn in those units where they are allowed (Mail Center/Warehouse, Custodial, Grounds) but must be neat and clean and pass the supervisors’ approval.
  1. Employees have the option of choosing tan or light blue smocks.  Smocks will be replaced on an as needed basis.  Worn or damaged issued smocks must be returned.
  1. Shoes or boots must be worn by all employees - staff or student.  The type of shoe/boot is dependent on your work unit.  Open toed shoes are only allowed in the office area.
  2. If you work in a unit that requires the wearing of steel toed shoes/boots for student or staff there is a reimbursement policy that outlines the payment limits for both student and staff.  Contact the dispatch desk (3-4400) for this information.
Student Employees
  1. If a student is hired to work in a trade unit they will be issued up to 5 T-shirts for their use while they are employed at Facilities Management. Students are responsible for the laundering of their shirts. When their employment ends at Facilities Management the shirts must be returned. Shirts must not be altered in any manor, including the removal of sleeves.
  1. All employees’ attire must meet Facilities Management standard quality and color.
  2. Managers should turn in all orders for new or replacement uniform garments to the dispatch desk (3-4400).
  3. Campus Supply will coordinate all purchases with vendors.
  4. Facilities Management will require the return of issued uniforms when the employee leaves employment at Facilities Management.
  5. The wearing of uniforms is required during working hours (including scheduled overtime) unless employee’s supervisor has approved prior arrangements.

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