Facilities Management



Transportation is responsible for a broad array of services, including:

  • Purchase, maintenance, and repair of University Vehicles
  • Guidelines for safe operation of vehicles
  • Refuse and recycling pickup
  • Table and chair rentals
  • Moving and special event set-up assistance

Campus Shuttle Service is provided by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MET) 319-234-5714

Vehicle Management

Transportation is responsible for determining which vehicles are safe and available for use, which vehicles require maintenance and which vehicles should be retained or retired from service. Transportation schedules and/or performs all warranty and maintenance work for University owned vehicles. University decals, stickers, and markings affixed by Transportation are required by state law and may not be removed. Unauthorized stickers or decals are not allowed on University vehicles.

All University vehicles must receive a safety inspection and general maintenance at least annually. It is further recommended that all University vehicles receive a safety inspection and general maintenance at six month intervals unless a different schedule has been established by Transportation.

Vehicle Fuel Station

The University's fueling station at Transportation is available 24x7 for all University and state owned or leased vehicles.  Ethanol, E85, and diesel fuel are available at below market rates and University vehicles must utilize this fueling station whenever possible. The fueling station is not available to personal vehicles, even if traveling on University business.

University Vehicles Are Not For Personal Use

University vehicles are for official business only.  They are not to be used for personal errands or to transport other than authorized persons and equipment. A University vehicle may be driven to a private residence and parked overnight only under certain circumstances authorized by Transportation or Motor Pool with the reservation request.  The vehicle must be parked off the street and locked.

Commuting from home to on-campus office and vice versa may be considered personal use under IRS guidelines.  Such use must be reported as a fringe benefit to Payroll in the Office of Business Operations.

Please also see Motor Vehicle Usage Policy (University Policy 9.63).


Moving Services

Facilities Management through the offices of Design and Construction & Transportation/Delivery provides assistance for planning and moving complete offices or individual furniture pieces, files, computers, books and other office items. Moving Services is provided by Transportation/Delivery and operates between 6:00 am and 2:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Relocating an Office

Relocating an office requires significant coordination. Appointing a move coordinator for the relocation is very helpful. The steps below will guide departments through the move process.

  • When new furniture or a design layout is needed, create a service request in FAMIS.
  • Complete Key Request Form.
  • Submit mail delivery changes to the Mail Center or call 3-3230. Include: names, location moving from (i.e. GIL 111), location moving to (i.e. GIL 242) and mail code.
  • Setup phone and data connections by submitting a Service Request through FAMIS.
  • Entire department relocations contact Human Resources Services 273-2422 for department records changes.
  • Individual relocations use "Updating My Personal Information" in My UNIverse to change office address.

Moving Items within Main Campus

  • Call 273-4400 with specifics of the move to establish a work order.
  • Submit a Service Request through FAMIS.

Moving Items from Main Campus to Storage

Complete a Transit/Surplus Form found under Disposal Guidelines on the Office of Business Operation's website.

Preparing Items for Move


  • Vertical file cabinets can be moved with material inside (if stairs are involved, Transportation Services may require the cabinets be emptied)
  • Horizontal files must be emptied
  • All desk materials must be boxed
  • All book shelf items must be boxed
  • Computer equipment must be disconnected and prepared to move; all items boxed; keyboard and hard drive should be boxed with monitor or all items numbered if boxed separately
  • Tape boxes to prevent papers from falling out
  • Label boxes with new location building name and room number
  • Boxes and packing tape can be obtained from Campus Supply.

Items Transportation Does Not Move

  • Plants
  • Delicate personal items
  • Electronic equipment that is leased

Moving Services FAQ


Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments please contact:

Phone: 319-273-4400
Fax: 319-273-5810

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