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The Design Reference Manual, prepared by the University of Northern Iowa Facilities Management Department, documents design criteria for all renovations, additions and new construction. The manual was prepared by persons responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of the University's facilities. This information is provided to achieve quality campus structures and landscapes requiring minimum maintenance effort and operating expense.

Adherence to the Design Reference Manual is required. Any deviations must be called to the attention of and reviewed with the design staff of Facilities Management, and receive written approval before implementation.

This manual does not relieve the Consultant's responsibility for providing complete and accurate Contract Documents.

This Design Reference Manual is not to be used as a written specification, and it is not intended to limit the consultant's design. Consultants are encouraged to explore innovative design solutions, particularly where economy and superior performance will result. Design professionals are expected to incorporate the items using their own language and format.

Facilities Management will periodically issue revisions to the Design Reference Manual on a section-by-section basis. This edition supersedes all previous editions for the University of Northern Iowa. The Design Reference Manual will be available only on the Facilities Service web site.

Consultants are responsible for using the most current version.


Design Reference Manual

Design Document Requirements
Table of Contents
Division 1-33
Space Classification Manual
BIM Standards
Equipment Forms

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