Facilities Management

Design Phase

The design phase of a project involves the project architect meeting with the clients and Facilities Planning staff to obtain a full understanding of the project scope and issues with the existing space. The majority of projects will go through three drawing phases and a bid phase.

Drawing Phases

  1. Schematic Design
    With feedback from all parties involved, the Architect ascertains the requirements of the project and prepares Schematic Design Documents consisting of drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of the project components for approval by the Owner. The Architect also submits to the Owner a preliminary cost estimate for the work.
  2. Design Development
    Comments made on the Schematic Design Documents are submitted to the Architect for incorporation into the project. The Architect makes the requested changed and further develops the documents, which are again submitted to the Owner for approval.
  3. Construction Documents
    The Architect will complete the Construction Documents by collecting feedback from the Design Development Documents and further developing the project documents. The Architect will complete detailed plans and specifications which set forth in detail the requirements for construction of the project.

Bid Phase

Upon completion of the Construction Documents, they will be distributed to plan rooms and prospective bidders. Prospective bidders will review the documents and submit a proposal according to appropriate University policies. The proposals are reviewed by Facilities Planning and the project architect prior to awarding to the lowest responsible bidder.

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