Facilities Management

Major Capital Projects

Major Capital Projects are typically funded from specific state appropriations. The following are steps required in order to proceed with Major Capital Projects.

Appropriated Funds Request

  1. Obtain support of project from Cabinet.
    1. Complete programming to determine space needs
    2. Develop Budget Estimate
    3. Obtain placement on 5-year Capital Plan
      1. Submit to Facilities Services Advisory Committee 
      2. Endorsement from Cabinet 
      3. Endorsement from Board of Regents 
    4. Receive Appropriations when approved by legislature
    5. Submit request to proceed with project planning and obtain approval of budget from Board of Regents

Once a Major Capital Project is approved and funding is arranged, specific Board of Regents procedures must be followed, including obtaining Permission to Proceed with Project Planning and authorization to Select an Architect. The following are steps required in Architectural Selection: 

  1. Participate in identifying Selection Committee 
  2. Advertise for Architects to Submit qualifications with Project Description 
  3. Receive and distribute qualifications to committee 
  4. Committee selects list for interviewing and conducts interviews 
  5. Committee Recommends Final Selection, which is forwarded to VPAF 
  6. Negotiate fee for service (same as direct negotiation) 
  7. Submit Architectural Approval to Board of Regents

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