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Mixed Recycling Initiative Underway

The University has partnered with Cedar Valley Recycling to accept mixed recycling products from around campus. We are now able to send Cedar Valley Recycling all of our materials that are considered recyclable in a mixed container and they will sort them at their facility. This means that you do not need to separate your recyclable materials, but instead just place your recyclable materials in the blue containers, and your waste/trash in the black containers. There are many benefits to this effort.  There is a significant savings recognized by avoiding expensive landfill fees, trees and water are saved by recycling, less oil and other natural resources are used to recycle materials in lieu of using new materials, and less waste is being sent to a landfill lessening the need to expand or open new landfills.  

What this means to campus:

  1. There are new containers coming to all of the buildings on campus. There are two styles of containers, both utilizing the same color scheme of blue and black.  Blue is an industry standard color to designate recycling, and black is the standard color for trash.  Please note we are utilizing the term "Landfill" for the waste/trash containers to help people to understand that there is an environmental impact.
  • The first is a larger box style that is blue on one side (recycled material) and black on the other (trash). This is the unit that will be in the more public areas.
  • The second is a smaller unit that is to be use in less public areas and office suites.  The containers will also utilize the blue containers for recycling and black for trash.
  1. Office paper 55 gallon Brute cans will still be used and collected within buildings. This is an effort to try and keep the recycling in the new containers to a manageable weight. However, the new units are for all recyclables so paper is fine in them.
  2. Dumpsters.
  • All dumpsters on campus will soon be black.
  • Recycling dumpsters will be black with a blue lid or the metal lip at the top painted blue.
  • Trash dumpsters will be all black.
  • Identifying labels will be placed on all of the dumpsters to identify their intended use.
  1. Recyclable products accepted in the mixed recycling containers:  NO FOOD, NO LIQUIDS, NO PAPER TOWELS, NO NAPKINS.  Please scrape food off into the trash, then recycle.  Empty liquids into a sink, then recycle.
  • Paper:  White and colored paper, brochures, calendars, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, manila envelopes, hard and soft cover books, file folders, paper pads, notebooks, paper plates, posters, phone books, catalogs, paper bags.
  • Cardboard:  Cardstock, cereal boxes, corregated boxes (please flatten), greasy pizza boxes (no food products), milk cartons, paper cups (no liquids), paper plates.
  • Plastics:  any plastic utensils, plastic bottles (no liquids), clear clamshells (no food), clear cups and tubs, milk jugs, plates (no food), serving platters.
  • Metals:  Aluminum cans, tin cans, steel cans, storage tins, serving trays and lids, aluminum foil (no food).

* Although styrofoam and glass are recyclable, our vendor does not handle these products and should be placed in the trash.  Glass can be placed in the glass recycling dumpster at the Panther Parkway Recycling station.

If you have further questions or would like to assist in our recycling effort please contact Brian Hadley, Physical Plant Assistant Director Campus Services, 319-273-4400.

Mixed Recycling FAQ

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