Facilities Management

Prioritized Projects

Prioritized Project List - all funds request

  1. Annual Division Prioritized Projects lists are received in the fall from the Vice Presidents and are combined by the Vice President for Administration and Finance (VPAF). 
  2. Projects are categorized and overall University priorities established. 
  3. Budget Estimates and scopes are developed by the Planning, Design and Construction staff for priority targets, then secondary targets. 
  4. Funds are committed from appropriate accounts.
  5. Submittal of budgets and request for submitted approvals, to Board of Regents 
  6. Capital projects costing more than $100,000 require Board of Regents review and approval. 
  7. Capital projects costing less than $100,000 do not require board approval, but they must conform to the University’s priorities and have adequate funding. As needed, Facilities Planning’s planning, architectural or engineering staff reviews these projects to ensure they (1) will not significantly increase the cost of maintaining and operating a facility, (2) address code-compliance issues, (3) cause no negative impact on adjacent space and (4) are compatible with campus master-planning principles. 
  8. Once a project is properly reviewed, approved and funded, Facilities Planning staff will begin working on the project.

Non-Prioritized Projects

Facilities Planning accepts a limited number of non-prioritized projects each year. In order for the work to be considered, the requestor must have an estimate and scope of work from Facilities Plannin, and the approval of their department head, Dean or Director, and Division Vice President. It is highly encouraged that all work requests be included on the annual Prioritized Projects list.

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