Facilities Management


Project Responsibilities

Capital Projects at UNI are typically not simple projects. As opposed to residential structures, most of UNI's facilities are very complicated, usually multi-storied, with complex systems for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, electrical and telecommunications.

Client Responsibilities

Facilities Planning is committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality service. To achieve this, we need your cooperation. We ask you to support us by taking on the following responsibilities:

  • Decision making
    You will be expected to assign an individual to the project team who has high-level decision-making authority and timely access to all client parties required to make final budget and programmatic decisions.
  • Stewardship
    Facilities Planning is responsible for enforcing Board of Regents' policies and other University standards, as well as national and state building-code and safety regulations regarding construction and facilities. Therefore, we ask you to recognize that our various stewardship responsibilities may at times increase project costs or delay project timetables.
  • Vendor relationships
    Facilities Planning is the sole administrator for contracts with service providers. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the performance or activities of contractors to our owner's representatives, only they can give direction to contractors.
  • Construction disruptions and inconveniences
    Though every prudent and fiscally sound effort will be made to reduce or eliminate construction-related inconveniences affecting building occupants and campus visitors, many are unavoidable due to the nature of the construction process. We ask you to support us by communicating to your staff the reality that some inconvenience is inevitable.

Facilities Planning Responsibilities

Stewardship, project oversight and client service
Stewardship is defined by Facilities Planning as its responsibility to ensure the University and the client receive the best overall value and quality for the dollars invested in a project. Stewardship duties include overseeing that facilities are designed and built so they (1) can be properly and cost-effectively maintained, (2) follow University policies and standards and (3) meet applicable building-code and safety standards.

  • Project oversight - involves administering construction and design contracts, monitoring contractors' performance and solving problems which may arise – before cost increases or project delays occur. This responsibility demands consistent budget oversight and aggressive change order management.
  • Client service - begins when a client first contacts Facilities Planning for assistance with their capital project request process. All of the parties involved – the architect and engineering firm, contractors, other University units affected by the project and of course you, the client – look to the owner's representative to be their point person in communicating pertinent project information.

Facilities Planning utilizes both in-house and private-sector services to meet the University's design and construction needs. This strategy gives us maximum flexibility to secure the most appropriate services to complete your project. Our staff members are experts in choosing the most suitable design firm and construction method for your project. Their selection depends on a host of factors, including the project's size, urgency, complexity, budget and previous experience with the consultant.

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