Facilities Management

Student Employment

Facilities Management Student Hiring Process

Facilities Management regularly employs over 50 UNI students.  We offer a competitive wage and flexible work schedules.  Our needs span from general office/clerical work to helping maintain our buildings, grounds, and equipment.

The student will need to complete the following procedures in order to be given the opportunity to be accepted for a position at Facilities Management.


  • Download and complete the application.
    • Click here for a list of all fo the jobs and descriptions for Facilities Management. Go to UNI jobs to check for any current job openings.
    • Once completed, please email your application to fmworkorders@uni.edu or drop it off in person at 1801 W 31st St, Cedar Falls.
    • You will receive a call to set up an interview time


  • After the interview, the student will need to finish paperwork at 102 Gilchrist Hall, Office of Career Services upon acceptance of a position.


  • After completion of Career Services paperwork, finish the following paperwork at Facilities Management before starting:

Sexual Misconduct Course:

  • Visit: https://training.uni.edu
  • Click on "Required Training for Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees" under the heading "Employee Required Training".
  • You will be directed to log in with your CatID credentials
  • Please email your certificate to tricia.pugh@uni.edu or drop off at the Facilities Management office between the hours of 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • A few things to remember:
    • The course can be stopped at any point. You can log back into it without losing your progress.
    • The certificate must be turned into Tricia upon completion in order to get credit.
    • If you experience technical difficulties while trying to access or complete the training, please contact the Office of Compliance and Equity Management at 319-273-2846 or email them at equity@uni.edu. There is also technical support available online through Everfi at everfi.com/support.
    • Until you complete this course, you will continue to receive email reminders from both Tricia and your supervisor.

Confidentiality Agreement

  • Form can be found here and also at Facilities Management.

Student Worker Guidelines

  • Form can be found here and also at Facilities Management.

Safety Training

  • Students will attend one of the sessions to be in compliance with our Facilities Management hiring practices.
  • A session will take two and a half to three hours to complete.
  • NOTE: Students will be paid for this time and will need to add it to their time sheet.


  • The last step is to receive any items and information needed to succeed on the job at Facilities Management.
  • Office Dress Code/Appropriate attire for Students
    • ​Dresses, skirts, jumper of appropriate length (just above the knee or longer)
    • Solid color denim jeans or leggings (if clean and without rips, fraying, holes, etc.) 
    • Blouses, shirts, sweaters, polo-style shirts (no low cut top, crop tops)
    • Any type of business shoe: sandals, boots and athletic shoes (no flip flops) No sandals in trade staff areas or construction projects on campus. 
    • UNI apparel (no other school attire ex. Iowa State, University of Iowa) Please use your good judgement about what other message t-shirts are appropriate in a work environment.
    • No shorts in the front office. Transportation and Custodial can wear long shorts. Shorts must be just above the knee or longer.
  • Clothing that is revealing or inappropriate to the workplace is unacceptable. Inappropriate dress for student workers may include the following
    • ​Torn clothing ​
    • Tank tops (unless fully covered by outer clothing), crop tops, halter tops, backless or bare shoulder or bare torso tops
    • Gym shorts or extremely short shorts   
  • Trade Clothes for Students
    • Three Facilities Management T-shirts will be provided to you and are not to be altered in any way.
    • They are to be worn when at work and returned back when you are finished with employment.
    • Jeans are always required, but you may ask your supervisor about shorts.
  • Trade Shoes for Students
    • Steel toe shoes are required for grounds, carpenters, painters, mechanical, and transportation departments.
    • The requirement is to have the safety work boot standards ASTM F2413.
    • You can purchase these shoes at stores such as Walmart or Blain’s Farm Fleet.
    • The University will provide reimbursement of shoes up to $50.00 if an original receipt is provided to the dispatch desk.
  • Drivers Licenses
    • We will need to verify your driver’s license for using equipment and/or driving university vehicles.
  • Parking
  • Timesheets
    • It is important to fill out and submit your timesheet on Friday.
    • If your timesheet is not completed and your supervisor does not approve it on time, you will not get paid.


The University of Northern Iowa does not discriminate in employment or education. Visit uni.edu/policies/1303 for additional information.

Facilities Management offers a great work environment where you can meet people, earn money, and have fun!


Office Location                                                Office Hours         

UNI Facilities Management                               Monday - Friday
1801 W 31st St                                                  7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0189